I have freckles and I like dressing up, reading, and snacks. Classified as dramatic and miscellaneous. I'm a girl raised by wolves but it's alright, I know how to behave, I've had lessons.

Sometimes people send me things on the internet and I make faces about them, alone, in my room, to the computer. I started trying to document these faces, because I love hilarity. 

The last one is the most recent, it is the face I made in reaction to the video I just posted (sent to me by Blev, who is glorious). Two of them are reactions to weird fanart sent to me. The eyebrows might not have been an actual reaction, but an attempt to see now nefarious I could make them look. The picture with the hoodie is from when I was sick as a dog in October, so I’m totally makeup-less.

That really flattering one in the middle is also from when I was taking my makeup off, so my eyes are all freaky-oily looking from the remover. 

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    Hahaha, I’m glad you included the reaction to totally-wtf-fanart (the top right one). I still don’t think that one looks...
  2. mxy said: I like your face and your other great qualities as well~
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    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MsRfHvHHhjc Adding the video here too. #NEVERFORGET
  4. indecisivespice said: PUH-lease. I wish I looked like that after taking my make-up off. I wish I looked nearly as good WITH my make-up on!
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