I have freckles and I like dressing up, reading, and snacks. Classified as dramatic and miscellaneous. I'm a girl raised by wolves but it's alright, I know how to behave, I've had lessons.


a framed picture of legolas in the girl’s bathroom at this sushi place



— by Joshua Middleton

If you can’t handle me at my fangirl you don’t deserve me at my feminist scholar.


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a fanmix for the brave young lady who dreamt of wearing her amor and fighting the monsters she once feared. 

01 from the roof top ~ somewhere in the silence (sniper’s theme) illaria graziano \ 02 late night - foals \ 03 sunshine - little dragon \ 04 life in technicolor II - coldplay \ 05 caught by the light- the boxer rebellion \ 06 ASA - caspian \ 07 myth - beach house \ 08 despair - yeah yeah yeahs \ 09 passage - exit music \ 10 the flame - the black keys \ 11 all those moments - she wants revenge 

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Rick’s Semi-Douchy Friend: “I dunno, your wife’s great to hang out with but I’m always worried she’ll call me out on something misogynist I didn’t know I was doing. Also I think her tits might be turning my girlfriend gay.”





There was blood in Raleigh’s eyes and a hole the shape of his brother in his soul.

— Pacific Rim novelization (via eternityinalake)

❒ Single ❒ Taken ✔ Not going to Comic Con


Lady Killers; the disney princesses {inspired by x}

You pissed off the wrong princesses.

               once upon a time
             in a faraway kingdom
             man made up a story
        said that I should believe him

         go and tell your white knight
       that he’s handsome in hindsight
      but I don’t want the next best thing